Have you and your child been going through some challenges and you feel disconnected from them?

Do you have a highly sensitive, strong willed, child who you would like to understand?

Does your child struggle with sleeping, night terrors, staying focused, tantrums, fears and anxiety?

Have you noticed your child's spiritual gifts starting to make themselves known, and you want to embrace, nurture and encourage them?

Would you love some simple tools and techniques strategies to deeply connect at the spiritual level with your child?

And through that, strengthen your intuition and parent from a conscious place?

Would you like your child to feel calm, connected, peaceful and your home full of love and safety?

You are here because you feel the answers to these questions so deeply.

You love your child so much (that goes without saying), and have a beautiful relationship with them.

Its just that sometimes you feel there is something missing, and you would love the guidance and techniques to be able to connect with them on a conscious spiritual, and through that a deeper soul level.

You know there is something deeper to the world that we see around us, with our physical eyes.

You feel it, and you know your child feels it. 

And you long for someone to take your hand and guide you through, to give you practical steps to help you understand and connect with your child at a deeper level.

Come with me on a 6 week, heart centered, spiritual journey to get the tools and techniques to nurture your child's spiritual gifts,  strengthen your intuition, and deepen your connection with them - seeing your self and your kids for the divine beings you are.


me profile_edited-2Hi gorgeous, I'm Megan Koufos.

I rebel against labels, adore the rockstar Pink, and am so full of love… it’s almost unbearable.

I’m a Lifelong Clairsentient, Psychic Soul Guide, Spiritual Mentor and Medium. Which isn’t scary, or weird or woo woo. It simply means I can see and feel stuff most people are afraid of or taught not to see and feel.

On one hand, my gifts are really cool – they allow me to connect with the unseen and see beneath the surface – our shadows, the spiritual realms, and our souls – so I can bring through messages that bring about healing and transform relationships.

On the other hand, and to be blunt: having heightened sensitivities and the ability to visit other realms is fucking intense. Healing work requires me to hold space for big emotions, deep insights and wild adventures through time and space. It’s not all unicorns and fairies, but it’s the work I am called to do.

Professionally-speaking, I’ve trained in angel therapy, shamanic practices, crystal healing, reiki, intuitive energy healing, mediumship, life coaching, Red Tent and Akashic record soul therapy.

But it’s not just my study that matters. My personal journey through rebellion and disconnection, difficulty conceiving, miscarriage, grief, post-natal depression, my spiritual awakening and raising three fiercely independent wild sensitive souls, and tending to my marriage keeps me grounded in the muck and magic of life on earth.

I understand the challenges that come with being a modern, open hearted woman raising sensitive, intuitive kids in our current world, and know first hand how important it is to keep and strengthen the spiritual connection we have with ourselves, and our children.

I am passionate about empowering women and children to remember their wholeness through bringing spirituality, ceremony, ritual and soul connection into everyday life.

Through all of the techniques I share in this course I have been able to support my beautiful sensitive children through sensory challenges, anxiety, bed wetting, being withdrawn, distant, non-verbal and showing spectrum markers, night terrors, explosive tantrums, anger outbursts and feeling displaced on Earth, to integrating into mainstream school, feeling safe, calm, connected and grounded owning their spiritual gifts and making it part of our everyday lives

And my youngest with speech delays, I have been able to connect and understand him through non-verbal queues and telepathic communication, nurturing him to express himself through music and movement, giving him the space to rise in his own time at his own pace.

I want to give you the gift of being able to nurture your child’s spirituality and soul. To support the awe and wonder they are born with and connection they have to the unseen world, to the world that exists beyond our world – the magic that lies all around.

To help them feel supported, safe, confident, loved, whole and at peace to be who they are in our modern world. And through that give them the guidance, encouragement and understanding that they need to be able to walk their soul path of purpose and shine their light in this world.

This is part of my soul purpose and passion in this lifetime, and I would love for you to join me.

stacey testimonial3

"This course was fantastic!!!!"

My daughter is finally sleeping through the night!!!!! 

She is no longer waking up terrified and needing to sleep with us during the night. 

I have great tools and activities I can draw on. I think this is the kind of course you will pull out on a monthly basis!!!!!!

Great job and thank you for being you and sharing your gift with the world!!!! This course was fantastic!!!!"

Stacey Golby - Mother of 2

rose testimonial_edited-2"Contains so many wonderful suggestions and gentle advice to help mamas connect with those little souls that share our lives.” 

I love Megan's gentle way of to guiding you to what you most need and her advice always seems to come at the perfect time.

This course contains so many wonderful suggestions and gentle advice to help mamas connect with those little souls that share our lives.

All the information was so helpful and it not only gave me peace as I tried them out with my children, and brought happiness and connection to my kids too.

I particularly loved the Angel Protection Prayer as my 4 year old daughter was scared to go to bed alone at night. The next morning she told me after I'd tried it that "It really took my scared away." Now she wants the prayer every night and giggles when I whoosh away her fears!

It has been a wonderful journey - thank you for sharing your gift Megan!!”

Rose McGuire - Chef + Business Owner + Mother of 2, Chef Rose

This program is for you if:

  • you feel that the spiritual equation in the mind, body, spirit equation is missing from your relationship with your child
  • you have embarked on your own spiritual journey, and would love some practical and fun techniques to bring the spiritual world of the mystical and magical, energy, angels and guides, meditation, moon cycles and wisdom, and crystals into your home and family and share with your kids
  • you are seeking to deepen the spiritual connection and understanding with your child and nurture and encourage their spiritual gifts
  • you understand that change and transformation takes time, and that you have to put some effort into making this happen

you are not looking for a silver bullet, but rather a set of practical tools and techniques which you can easily include in your daily routine

This program is not for you if:

  • You think there is something wrong with your child and are looking for something or someone to fix them
  • You are in a place of complaining and blaming everyone around you, including your children, and you are not prepared to make some changes and try some new techniques in your parenting
  • You are not prepared to incorporate some additional, easy and short activities into your daily routine
  • You are not interested in spirituality, energy, meditation, and a different way of seeing and connecting with your child
  • You are not prepared to put in the effort to improve and deepen the connection with your child
  • You are skeptical of energy healing, angels and spirituality - thinking its all just a scam

michelle testimonial3

"If you are thinking about doing this course.... Just Do It"

This course was fantastic. There was so much new information to learn, and I have also learnt a lot about my son and seeing him for the beautiful soul he is.

So much so that I have actually cancelled his speech therapy sessions, because he is perfectly fine the way he is.

In addition to deepening my connection with my son, this course has also helped me to have big shifts in my business, through becoming aware of my son being a mirror to my own challenges and blocks through his own words and behavior, which has helped me enormously in identifying what has been holding me back. If you are thinking about doing this course, I would say Just Do It."

Michelle Lia - Mother of 1


"It has helped both of my children to feel safe and secure knowing they have Angels looking after them.” 

I loved this course - from the beautiful full moon ceremonies when I felt so free to release my desires and dance around letting my woman out, to the different and beautiful techniques I can use with my 2 little ones.  I felt like we really connected and the closeness was beautiful, to the meditations which were so comforting to sit back and listen to Megan's voice and guide me.

This course was a beautiful experience for all of us and the daily exercises are something we can continue to do in our daily routine.

It has helped both of my children to feel safe and secure knowing they have Angels looking after them and gaining the knowledge of crystals and how to use them have been wonderful.

With my eldest, he's now able to take himself to a quiet place when needed, and I feel both of my children are calmer and show more closeness. I just want to say a HUGE thank you for the course and the guidance. I have truly enjoyed the journey.

I couldn't wait each morning to open my email. I was excited to get out of bed at 6am to read my emails. 

Thank you Megan. I have learnt so much and didn't want it to end. I loved all of it.  To me it was magical."

Veronica Stafford - Mother of 2

  • Deepen the spiritual connections with your child
  • Discover a greater understanding and compassion for yourself and your child
  • Increase your intuition and self-confidence around your parenting and role as a guide for your spiritual child
  • Deepen your and your child's spiritual understanding and connection with each other, as well as the Archangels, angels and spirit guides
  • Discover how to nurture and encourage your child's spiritual gifts
  • Increase and nurture your and your child's intuition through fun and play
  • Bring the magic and mystical back into your life and relationship
  • Learn deep and profound techniques to help your child feel calm, safe and secure while helping with fears, anxiety, sleeping difficulties and tantrums
  • lifetime access to all course materials (including upgrades and changes for the life of the course with my top grounded and practical tools and techniques
  • module content split over four weeks, with two bonus weeks of nesting preparation time to help you prepare for incorporating easy changes into your daily routine
  • access to my toolkit of techniques to deeply connect spiritually with your child
  • 5 powerful guided meditations for you to download and keep
  • funsheets, checklists, and journal pages for all of the modules, to download and keep
  • access to your own membership site.
  • a delicious nesting Preparation Module to help you get the most out of your journey
  • channelled crystal healing grid and spiritual guidance holding safe and healing space for you and your family for the duration of the course
  • A Moon Ceremony Booklet including Full and New Moon ceremonies to help you deepen your connection and divine wisdom
  • lifetime access (until such times as the course is decomissioned) to the course, meditations and materials, including any course updates and revisions

The program is run entirely online.

This course is run entirely at your own pace.

You begin with 2 weeks of nesting preparation activities, and then move onto 4 weeks of course content.

There are also several unadvertised bonuses to help with implementation of everything you learn along this journey. 

I'm so excited for you to join us.


  • q-iconWhen does the course start?

    You can begin the course as soon as you wish. It is all run entirely at your own pace. Once you purchase the course, you will emailed details to get your login set-up to the membership area, with the nesting preparation details being available immediately. Subsequent modules will be available at the end of the previous modules. You will receive emails and guidance for each module, however you can do these in your own time .

  • q-iconHow do I participate?

    The whole course is run online – if you have internet access and an email address then you can take part….from any where in the world.

  • q-iconWhat are the age limits for kids that this is program is applicable for?

    You will find that from about 10 months your child will start to display more of their spiritual gifts – some will start earlier – some later. It is never too early to connect spiritually with your child. All of the techniques are gentle enough to use with babies and children, and where the techniques are different for older and younger children I will mention this in the daily email, and give you approaches for both.

  • q-iconIs this course just to use with one child, or can I do the techniques with all of my children?

    This course can be done with one child, or you can do the exercises with each of your kids. You may find that some exercises and techniques work differently for each child – and that’s totally ok.

  • q-iconIs there a Facebook group?

    At this stage, there will be no Facebook group for this course. I believe that it has become a little saturated with Facebook groups, and as busy mums, I know that it can add to the list of things we already have to do – the pressure to show up. So I’ve decided against it for this course. We will have spaces within the membership site for you to ask questions, connect with the other mamas participating and get the support you need. You are not alone on this journey, I will be right there with you.

  • q-iconDo I get individual support from you?

    Not as part of this course.

  • q-iconWhat if I have questions?

    There are spaces within the membership portal to ask questions. I will be popping in to answer these on a regular basis. Once I collect a number of questions I will look at recording a Q & A call and add that to the course materials.

    If there is anything you are struggling with, please ask – as its probably that another mama is feeling this as well. Please know that no question is dumb or silly – we are all learning and growing – its part of being human and a mama. If you want to remain anonymous, you can email your question through and I can post it, with my answer in the course comments area on your behalf.

    If you would like individual email support throughout this course, please email me for details and costs.

    You can ask a question at any stage in the course within the membership site, calling on your course community for support.

kelly testimonial3

"I have gained a deeper level of awareness and injected love that I didn't realise was missing from my relationship with my son."

Thank you so much Megan for bringing this course to the world.

I could feel all the heart and soul you put into this program and it has touched my life with my son and our family overall.

You have created a heartfelt course full of love and a truly deep understanding of children.

I have gained a deeper level of awareness and injected love that I didn't realise was missing from my relationship with my son. I've noticed that he will just randomly and throughout the day come up to me and open up his arms for a cuddle and a kiss which he hasn't done since he was 2 years old (he's just turned 5), so this is huge for me.

I've always told him I love him and I never ask for that love back, but for him to give me these unprompted cuddles and kisses is just magical and I know that he loves me and this is how he tells me. :)) <----That's a really big smile.

If you are even thinking about doing this course, it just do it! You will never forget it and as long as you go in with an open and honest heart by the time you've finished, it will be full to the brim with love and understanding!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Megan from the bottom of my heart."

Kelly Davey - Mother of 2 


"I am a happier mummy who is more grounded and my kids are happier because of it"."

It was incredibly informative on so many levels.

I have always been a very spiritual person but this gave me real world methods and activities that I could easily incorporate into my life and my children's life to guide them in their spiritual journey.

It also helped me to get reconnected. I think you made me realise how easy it is to incorporate spirituality into our lives daily. You don't have to do a lot to be connected, you just have to do something, and most of all just be present in your child's life.

I have made such an effort just to be present, not always be so busy doing everything because my children's moods & happiness etc are so connected to mine.

Our lives have been enriched by this course.

I personally really enjoyed learning about the archangels and also the guided meditations, your voice is so soothing and really helped me to connect and be carried on this really amazing journey, I would always leave the meditations so refreshed and energised. 

My favourite part of the course was seeing my 3 year old daughter getting connected and starting to talk about angels and light.

We are happier and I have seen a reduction in more challenging behavior and I have coped better when things haven't always gone well.

I am a happier mummy who is more grounded and my kids are happier because of it.

Megan has done a great job with the course, I loved it. Thank you Megan

Danielle Hill - Mother of 2 

jessica testimonial My son, who has been very angry for a very long time, is more calm and able to work through his anger in healthy ways. There are no words for this.” 

It was incredibly informative on so many levels.

The course content was easy to follow, simple, well paced, and genuinely soul filling. There are no words I have right now, for the value I see in this information.

I've got some beautifully intense souls as my children, and we are on an epic journey and this information is our light and safe place.

My son, who has been very angry for a very long time, is more calm and able to work through his anger in healthy ways. There are no words for this.

I have deep, deep gratitude Megan. That you have such amazing knowledge and for the beautiful way you present and share it with the world.

Thank you."

Jessica Alden - Reiki Master + Mother of 4 

anna testimonial

Her guidance is always a blessing because her intuition is spot on, her techniques are effective and the daily exercises are easily accessible, adaptable and fun"

It was incredibly informative on so many levels.

Megan has so much love, light and care for children and such gentle understanding ,that to have her words arrive in your inbox every day is a gift.

Truly - she has a gift for you and your children.

Her guidance is always a blessing because her intuition is spot on, her techniques are effective and the daily exercises are easily accessible, adaptable and fun.

Megan has put so much wisdom and radiance into the course; every morning, I'd open the email in sweet anticipation of loveliness and joy.

When we started the course, my daughter would cry through the night in fear of ghosts and by the end of the course, they'd gone.

My daughter's understanding of spiritual influences broadened into being positive and magical and less focused on the shadows and nightmares that haunted her. 

We have the tools to strengthen the protection around ourselves and our home and create a safe and loving space.  

I now have in my workbook, a range of exercises that guide and nurture our souls and a daughter who will go to bed, in her bed, calmly and peacefully.

I have the permission I need, to be all that I am: mother, being, wild woman, me. I can share with my daughter, aspects of my spiritual self without feeling that I'm influencing her beliefs or causing her to be untrue to her own calling.

We also have creative tools that help me to interpret what she has to share with me about how she perceives the world.  

And now… we have fairies and animal spirits everywhere: in the garden, in the toys, on the roof, in the corners.  The comforting movement of fresh, alive and protective subtle energies is all around us.

My very warmest gratitude for you Megan.  Thank you. 

To those who have felt drawn to open this page to read about the course because you are fascinated, curious, you like the sound of it, you feel guided by something inside to do this course then, I say, do it.  I recommend it.  If you feel lovely when you read Megan's words and you want to engage with her, yourself and your child more deeply... then your heart has led you here & your heart knows.   

There is so much to be gained from this course and the vibration of the information presented to you is of such high resonance that your heart is the best one to guide you through its pages, just as your child is the best one to guide you to your heart.

And so as you connect with the course, you connect with your child, connect with yourself and you connect to the greater knowing of your divine spirit, the light within your heart.

Follow your heart and you will thank yourself for making such a wise and well-guided choice."

Anna Spunde - Mother of 1


If you have any more questions, please send me an email at megan(at)megankoufos(dot)com, and I'll answer all of your questions.


 I’m so excited to be joining you and your divine kids on this journey, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Lots of love and gratitude